How to be Fast in Typing


You may be on your Amsterdam holiday in some cheap hotels in Amsterdam square and looking at special discounts on online shops like Lazada and Zalora and then you find out that you are really slow in typing. Is this normal? Apparently, it is. More than half of the population do not know how to type fast. They all use what is commonly known as finger typing. They use one finger to type each letter of the word. It will take a long time just to finish a sentence or a paragraph.

If you belong to this statistic, be glad that you are not alone. And another good piece of good news is that you can actually improve on it using a premium service.

What are the ways to be quicker and more efficient in typing?

Know the right position of your fingers

typingYou should know that the keyword is originally designed for convenient typing like the canal bus. If you will just look at the letters F and J, you will see an embossed line right below the letter. This is not just a design. Its purpose is for your index fingers to know where their position should be. The left index finger should be on the letter F, and the right index finger should be on the letter J. The rest of your fingers follow. The left middle finger on D, the left ring finger on S, and the left little finger on A. This is also the same for the right hand- K for the middle finger, L for the ring finger, and semi-colon for the little finger. Both your thumbs rest on the spacebar.

Understand the finger designation

To be fast in typing, the hands, in general, do not have to move as if you’re on a city walking tour. It is the fingers that move from letter to letter. Every finger has designated letters that it can push. For example, the little finger is assigned the letters Q, A, and Z. It should also be the one to push the Tab, Caps Lock, Shift, and Ctrl buttons. Know the designation and ensure that the right finger is pushing the keys.


Do not look at the keys

To be better at typing, your eyes should be focused on the monitor and not on the keys. It will take practice but after some getting used to, you will find yourself typing the right letters with the right finger.