About Us

We started to build a website that aims to teach students how to type quickly and without mistakes. It was originally our plan to accommodate website visitors who are yearning for a typing test so that they can furnish their skills in speed typing. And so, the founders of this site provided a lot of tests for users to utilize in order to train themselves to type efficiently.

Table of Contents

Who we are

If you look at our main page, you will find different types of typing tests that you can use. You can benefit from these tests to enhance your skills and be better at what you are doing. You can use speed typing in almost any field of work. Use this skill to become effective in secretarial work, management, entrepreneurship, construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, tech blog writing, data entry, Amsterdam city trip blogs, and others.

What we offer

You can find our website very useful in terms of the typing tests that we create for you every day. We have specifically designed tests for 3 levels- novice, intermediate, and advanced. Build up your speed by always taking up the test and increasing your number of words per minute. Be the best in typing and, in turn, your overall work. As you become efficient in typing, you also save more time to improve on work, on your family, and on your career.

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