What is Vsemi-Deseti?

We established the website as part of our overall plan to give knowledge to the public and provide convenience and experience to our website visitors. Vsemi-Deseti means all-ten. It shows you our end goal. That is, in order or you to garner the average all ten, you must exert all efforts and collaborate with us so that you will be great in your work.

What does your website contain?

You can find lots of content on our website. But our main focus is to provide numerous tests for web users to utilize. As you browse our pages, you will see that we offer 3 versions of tests for different levels of typing enthusiasts- one for beginners, one for intermediate, and one for advanced. If you are just starting to learn how to type quickly, it is recommended that you start with the tests for beginners. But as you grow in your skills, you can take up on bigger challenges and go to the intermediate and advanced categories.

Where can I use speed typing?

You can use this skill in almost every endeavor that you get into. The obvious field that you can use this is if your work entails you to be in front of a computer all day like data entry, tech blog writing, and the like. By typing very fast, you can finish work earlier than expected and move on to other aspects of your job efficiently and quickly, too.

If your field of work does not require you to use the computer all day, you can still take advantage of speed typing. Use your skills to automatically type information without any mistakes. If you are sure that your data is 100% correct, you can guarantee top quality products and service.

How can I assess the level of my speed typing capability?

You can first take our initial speed typing test. This can evaluate the level that you are in. It will show you the number of words that you can type in a minute, the number of mistakes you did, and your average score, taking into account both items. You can then compare your score to our set standard to see the level that you are currently in.

How do I register to your page?

You can register to our site by going to our Registration page and putting your personal information on the space provided.

I want to advertise on your website. How do I do it?

If you want to partner with us, you can go to our Advertise Here page and send us your company details. We have client support that will accommodate all your questions and queries.